Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Purpose of the gods for the Canopic Jars.

The gods of the canopic jars had a purpose. There purpose was to protect the organ inside the Canopic jar. The gods were named Hapy, Imesty, Duamufet, and Qebehsenuef. The gods were the sons of Horus.

Canopic Chest

This is the canopic chest of King Tutankhamen. The canopic chest was placed as close to the sarcophagus as it can be. I know these are suppose to have different heads on them they don't. How would you find out which organ is in them?

Monday, December 15, 2008

Gods of the Canopic Jars.

Qebehsenuef has the falcon headed jar. He is cool. He is the keeper of the intestines. that would be hard to put in one jar. In some books they say Qebehsenuef is the keeper of the guts but I'm sticking with the intestines
Imesty is the keeper of the liver. Imesty has the human headed jar. Doesn't his jars lid look funny? Ithink it looks funny.
Hapy may have a wierd name but he is really cool. He is the keeper of the lungs. His Canopic jar has a baboon head. I do not know why they used a baboon but they are cool animals. On some pictures it does not look like a baboon.

The god Duamufet is the keeper of the stomach .That would be cool to see the stomach. On his jar he had a jackal head as the lid. As you can see Duamufet has a head that is jackal.

The Spells

The canopic jars had spells on each jar. The spells were used to keep each organ from being used against the body. Each Canopic jar has its own spell on it.

Canopic Jars

The Ancient Egyptians belived that the organisms can be used against the person. This is why they started to use the canopic jars. The canopic jars had spells to protect the organ.